Keyword Density

Choosing the right keyword density is also important. Too many keywords can be confusing to Google. However, relevant keywords that focus on the content can be effective and productive. It is also important to know where to place your keywords in an article. In most cases, you want a keyword in the title of your article and one in a numbered list or in one subtitle. This will alert search engines that your content is relevant and not just placed throughout the article randomly. It is also important to make good use of hyperlinks. One easy way to do this is to turn your keywords into hyperlinks or use your keywords in advertisements.

Keep in mind; another important piece of the SEO puzzle is reviews. Reviews not only give customers confidence in what you are selling, they also send signals to Google that you are worthy to be on page one. If you only have a few reviews or none at all, get more!

More than anything else, the best SEO tip is to write engaging and interesting content. In order to draw readers to your site, you must write content that not only informs the reader, but content that will draw them closer toward your product or service. You want to get them hooked on what you are promoting so that they will buy your product or service. No matter what you are selling, your SEO must be attractive, fresh and compelling!